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:swear x (raises your middle finger to someone)Edit

:slap (user) - Slaps the userEdit

You could also use the code :slap x and then click on the user you wish to slap.

:spit (user) - Spit on the specified userEdit

You could also use the code :spit x and then click on the user you wish to spit.

:me (message) - Shows your username and is roleplayingEdit

:taxi (roomid) - Lets you travel to the specified roomid (Costs 5c)Edit

:give (user) (amount) - Gives the user credit amount (Can only do 20c above to give)Edit

Your account must also be over 3 days old, and you must not be on the same IP address or work at the same place.

:timeleft- Shows the timers you haveEdit

:roomid - Shows the roomid of your locationEdit

:startwork - Starts to workEdit

:stopwork - Stops Working and Resets timerEdit

:balance - Shows your bank balanceEdit

You don't need to equip your phone first anymore.


:glist - Shows the members of your gangEdit

:gtake - Takes the room your in as a turfEdit

:gfire (user) - Kicks the user out of the gangEdit

:grecruit (user) - Recruits the user in the gangEdit

:gpromote (user) - Promotes the user to the next rank in gangEdit

:yesgang - Enables you to be recruited in a gangEdit

:nogang - Disables and lets you quit the gang.Edit

:quitgang - Quits the gangEdit

:sellweed (user) - Sells the item to the user (Cost 20c)Edit

:gbackup (message) - Group Texts your gangEdit

:gtstop - Stops the room to be taken as a turfEdit

:shag(user):Makes you have sex with the userEdit

------------------------------------------------------------------ Edit


:promote (user) - Promotes the userEdit

:sendhome x (time) - Disables a user from working for a certain amount of time (Max 900 seconds)Edit

:fire x (user) - Fires the userEdit


@research - Starts to learn

@browse (site) - Browses the site

@search (user) - Shows the stats of the user

@connect (site) - Lets you connect the computer to a .rp site

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